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Welcome to my blog where I will be documenting my journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle. 

A little bit of nature reflection.

A little bit of nature reflection.


So today we have a special guest on the blog! Ladies and gents, one of my very best friends and soul sister, Sarah!!  

A little background- Sarah woke up today with a some sadness in her heart and was really struggling with pulling herself out of this icky place. (We’ve been really working on our daily happiness and positivity) So she decided to do something she loved, which was to get out in nature and really reflect. And girlllllll when I tell you she reflected....I mean she really REFLECTED. She texted me as soon as she left and she told me about this moment she had while in nature and I was like woahhhh we need to share this with the world. Soooo here we are! 

Watch the trees swaying in the wind; there is much to be learned.

A tree is strong and stands tall, yet a light breeze makes the highest branches sway.

A tree with deep roots will grow strong, but the key is in its flexibility

To survive any wind that comes its way.

Sometimes the wind is strong- forces that are of a hurricane.

The tree cannot prepare for nor escape a battle a battle such as this.

Branches may break and fall, but when the storm is over, as storms always end,

The strongest trees survive and continue to stand tall.

Now look at the leaves.

In a stable environment, the leaves bare little change; they do not fall; they do not grow anew.

However, a tree that survives all seasons from frigid winters to scorching summers-

Its leaves change; they produce the most beautiful ambers and deep reds as the last breath of summer ebbs into fall and flows into winter.

A moment of this beauty and the leaves die; they fall to the ground and endure footsteps that may force them further in the ground, or snow that will bury them.

If the tree is healthy and strong, when mother earth lends her breath of springtime,

The leaves grow back.


Remain strong; stand tall.

Winds and seasons are always changing, leaving broken branches and fallen leaves even right after they’re the most beautiful they’ve ever been.

Storms all have an ending and existence becomes easier once more.

Spring will always follow winter; and after the cold and dark are over, the leaves always grow back.

Go out into nature this week, even if it’s just for 5- 10 minutes and just be there in the moment! Breathe in positivity and exhale negativity! 



Lo and Sarah 👯‍♀️ 

Don't fear change.

Don't fear change.

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