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Welcome to my blog where I will be documenting my journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle. 

Goodbye BR....Hellooooo New Yorkkkk!


Well...I'm off to New York for the weekend! After an AMAZING two weeks with my best friend Spencer (from Cali) I'm off to see Joshua for his birthday! But as soon as I get home I will update you guys on all the fun things me and Spencer did while he was here in Louisiana. It was absolutely wonderful having him here with me for so long and I hated saying goodbye, but I know I will see him soon! If you are reading this, I love you babe! 😘

But anyways the reason I wanted to blog today was because as I look out the window of this airplane and gaze at the city below me I started thinking about how big this world is! Every tiny detail is absolutely beautiful and it puts it into perspective that you are not the only person in this crazy world. There are so many places and people you have yet to meet...and it makes you appreciate the little things! So today go out into the world and smile at someone, tell someone their beautiful, hug someone you've never hugged before! And always remember to be kinder than necessary because everyone is fighting some sort of battle that you know nothing about! I love each and every one of you dearly! If you would like to follow my weekend in New York follow me on snapchat: LoRae927

February was EPIC!

February was EPIC!

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