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Welcome to my blog where I will be documenting my journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle. 

Pitch Black



So I'm on an incredible high from all the things that have taken place in the past few hours. I know I sound silly but I just got the best Christmas prezzies from my Joshua's mom and I'm in love!!!! And also Joshua just found this song I've been obsessed with for over a month now and I couldn't figure out the name or where I heard it, but he stumbled upon it today and shared it with me and I died! Finally I can listen to it on repeat for 10 hours!!!

Anyways- I'm currently sitting in the pitch black dark in my apartment listening to it rain outside and I'm just so damn content. My life is perfect. My friends are perfect. Everything I have is so good and I'm so lucky. I'm just the luckiest little princess and my heart is just so full. And it's little moments like this in the pitch black that just allow me to take a step back from it all and be like it's all messy... the hair, the make up, the house, my life. But it's so damn beautiful! Every little moment. 

Just a little insight into this beautiful brain for all you beautiful people! I know I'm all over the place! I'm just so giddy because my bestie comes home in 4 days!!!!! Eeeeee✨✨✨✨



Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Always be you!!!