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Welcome to my blog where I will be documenting my journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle. 

Q&A with Shane Raines

So I wanted to do something a little different for the blog this week...So I collabed with one of my favorite boys, Shane Jacob Raines! Some of you may know him from MTV's The Challenge Season 27, but I know him as a best friend. He's played an important role in my life over this past year, and I wanted you guys to get to know him a little better. So we tweeted out last night asking everyone to send in your questions using #askshaneraines. 


Shane: Every week we made a list of the groceries and things we wanted, and they had a PA go out and get them. But since we were in Turkey we had to cross our fingers and hope they had everything that we wanted! 

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Shane: I would love to take part in Free Agents because I would want to see what I could do by myself. I would also love to do Bloodlines 2 because I would want redemption for me and my brother to show everyone that the Raines brothers can SLAYYYY and "BAM, BAM, BAM vogue on that shit"!!!

Shane: I'm so excited to become an uncle, and meet Baby Harper. I can't wait to dress her up and treat her like a little princess!! 


Shane: I blow dry my hair upside down with product in. I then straighten it a little, mess it up with my fingers and hairspray! Hairspray is KEY!

Shane: Honestly it's never easy. But start by coming out to the people you are most comfortable with. A lot of people think it is the hardest to come out to their family or parents, and my best advice is to do it when YOU are ready. Keep in mind that they may need time to adjust, but remember to always keep your head up because it is a journey.  You have tons of people that love and support you!

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Shane: If I could go anywhere it would be somewhere that has sun, water and lots of alcohol! I've never been to Caribbean, but I would love to go there with my fam, my boy and my peeps. Having everyone I love on the beach with a drink in our hand and our toes in the sand would be EVERYTHINGGGGG!!!! 

Goodbye BR....Hellooooo New Yorkkkk!

I'mmmmm baaaaaaack!!!