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Young Love

I was scrolling though social media, when I came across this post.

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When I read it, I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I could tell by the words that this boy loved his girlfriend with his entire heart and he wanted everyone to know about it. So I shared it on my Facebook wall because it made me genuinely happy. Well then I started doing some research because I wanted to know more about the people behind the post. So I casually did a cheeky little Facebook stalk. And I came to find that the boy that wrote this is 18 years old and he wrote it about his 17 year old girlfriend. And I know what your automatic thought is. “Ohhh boyyyyy these two have no clue what love is. They are way too young.” I won’t lie to you when I first saw it I kinda chuckled because I remember me at that age and I thought most of those same things about my boyfriend at the time. But I wasn’t going to judge them…you know they have to learn for themselves and who am I to say their feelings aren’t true. But the more I read the more I saw people tearing this boy down because he was 18 years old and he knew “nothing” about love.

And that made me think. Why do older people quickly judge people that are in “young love”? Maybe the young ones are the ones that have it right…They love with all of their hearts. They aren’t afraid to love…and they aren’t afraid of getting their hearts broken because essentially they probably have never felt that pain (And they are lucky because if you’ve been through a bad breakup you know how bad it hurts). I think we love the strongest and the hardest when it’s our first love because we aren’t scared of the “what ifs”. We just jump in and dive head first because we have never been hurt before so there is nothing to be scared of. Our hearts don’t have any bumps or bruises on it. The love is so pure and strong that nothing can stand in the way. But I think the older we get and the more heartbreaks that we go through it makes us have a harsh outlook on love. Once you go through a really bad breakup it’s hard to open your heart to someone else. Because no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves and our hearts that it’s ok to let people in…Our heart will always be extra cautious because it knows the pain it endured. And it has every reason to be scared as hell. But I wonder if it ever truly heals? Or if we go through life with a heart that’s scared to love again like we once did…  But maybe we shouldn’t judge the young ones because maybe the real reason they love so intensely is because they aren’t holding back. Maybe we should look up to them and strive to love like they do. Love with absolutely no doubts and no fears about “what could happen”. 


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